A freelancer since 1985, Julie Bawden-Davis has written for many publications, including American Express OPEN Forum, MSN Money.com, Parade.com, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens and Family Circle.

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6 Tips for Moving Your Houseplants Indoors for Winter

Now that nighttime temperatures are dipping, it’s time to move houseplants that vacationed outdoors during the warm months indoors. When...

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Are Your Kids 'Vitamin N' Deficient?

Are Your Kids 'Vitamin N' Deficient?

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Create a Holiday Wreath from the Garden

Add a festive touch to your home by livening up your holiday décor with a wreath from the garden. Composed of items like evergreen cuttings and berries, such eye-catching wreaths are easy and inexpensive to make, and they allow you to express your creativity, says James Farmer, author of five...

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Decorate Your Home with Houseplants

Admire a model home with its stylish decorating, and you’re likely to see one common denominator—houseplants. Interior decorators know the...

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Lemony Spring Couscous

A Fast, Easy, Fresh recipe from Bon Appetit....

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Make a Halloween Terrarium

If you want a fun project for Halloween that will lend a spooky air to your décor, plant and decorate...

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How to Save That Poinsettia and Other Gift Plants

Holiday gift plants have it hard. They light up the house during the festivities, but the only thanks plants like poinsettias and mums get in return is neglect. If you received plants as gifts this holiday season, it’s not too late to save them. Provide a little TLC, and that...

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Julie Bawden-Davis

Julie Bawden-Davis is a garden writer and master gardener, who since 1985 has written for publications such as Organic Gardening,...

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Force Bulbs to Grow Indoors for the Holidays

It may sound cruel, but forcing bulbs to grow indoors is a much kinder process than you’d think. In reality, the indoor gardening method should really be called “tricking bulbs.” By providing favorable climactic conditions indoors, you stimulate flower bulbs to bloom out of season. Freelance garden writer Kathy Purdy...

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Get Fit Gardening

As you tackle your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit, add gardening to your routine. A number of studies have found that tending plants helps you shed pounds and improve your fitness level. Activities like gardening can even significantly lengthen your life expectancy. “Getting in shape doesn’t...

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Save That Old Sweet Potato! Grow Houseplants From Kitchen Scraps

Before you toss that squishy, sprouted sweet potato...

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The 9 Best Houseplants for Cleaning Air and Filtering Toxins

This fall and winter, as you close the windows and doors against the cold, you may be inviting trouble—indoor air...

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The Daily Cute: Animal Weddings!

I’m gettin’ hitched this weekend, so I decided to one up myself by posting a bunch of animal brides and...

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The Daily Cute: Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

When someone asks you how many animals you want to own, the correct answer is always, “Heaps.” Here’s why: Click...

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Uncovering My Family History

My great-great-grandparents hinged their hopes on America....