A freelancer since 1985, Julie Bawden-Davis has written for many publications, including American Express OPEN Forum, MSN Money.com, Parade.com, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens and Family Circle.

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10 Great Ways Moms (and Families) Can Save Money at Credit ...

Along with being action-packed and rewarding, raising kids is expensive. Children's necessities add up faster than you can say, “Don't run in the house!” Fortunately, easy ways to save money exist, and many of these ideas are fun for moms and kids.

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10 Ways To Help Your Adult Child Without Writing A Check - SuperMoney!

10 Ways To Help Your Adult Child Without Writing A ...

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12 Secret Tips To Getting Out of Debt

Debt keeps you down and makes it hard to live a fulfilling life. When your bank balance teeters on empty, your credit cards are maxed out and debt collectors keep calling, it’s natural to feel discouraged and want to give up and stop trying.

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2012 Miss City of Orange

Read about the 2012 Miss City of Orange on OrangeReview.com

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3 Ways To Prepare For Business Growth

Experts weigh in on an OPEN Forum member's question about how to grow your business....

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4 Steps to Reinventing Your Company | OPEN Forum

4 Steps to Reinventing Your Company | OPEN Forum

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4 Surprising Ways Quitting Smoking Can Save You Money!

If you've made a New Year's resolution to get in shape, it's a no-brainer to quit smoking while you're at it. You'll stop stinking up your breath and clothes wi...

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4 Tips on How to Avoid Overeating and Overspending

Overeating and overspending go hand in hand with the holiday season, from too much Halloween candy, to spending too much on gifts....

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5 Body Language Poses That Can Sabotage Success

How you stand, tilt your head and hold your hands m...

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5 Fun DIY Projects with Succulent Plants

When it comes to easy-to-grow, gorgeous plants, succulents top the list. While gardeners used to stick these fleshy plants in out-of-the-way areas of the garden, over the last decade they’ve come into their own and are now appreciated for the botanic beauties they are. With so many leaf forms and...

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5 Secrets to Finding Work-Life Balance | OPEN Forum

5 Secrets to Finding Work-Life Balance | OPEN Forum...

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5 Tips for Funding Your Dreams

Do you have big dreams shelved away because of a lack of funds? Are you waiting for that perfect someday when your finances are in order and you have some extra...


6 Important Tips For Getting Out Of Debt From CanDoFinance.com

Check out these 6 important tips for getting out of debt. This step-by-step guide gives you a road map to a brighter financial future.


6 Natural Air Purifiers: Clean Your Office Air with these Super Houseplants

In the office, you’re cooped up with a roomful of potential trouble—indoor air pollution. EPA studies show that the level of pollutants indoors is usually at least two to five times higher than outdoor air.

Now combine that with the fact that as people get older, they tend to have more respiratory problems.

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6 Steps For Giving A Great Media Interview

Don't sweat an interview with the press. Ace your interview by following these 6 steps....