A freelancer since 1985, Julie Bawden-Davis has written for many publications, including American Express OPEN Forum, MSN Money.com, Parade.com, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens and Family Circle.

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How to Create a Backyard Compost Bin « MyKmart Community

Feb 26, 2013 ... by Julie Bawden-Davis Known as “black gold,” compost is an organic material made of decomposed materials...


Planting Evergreens

Garden Solutions Center August 8, 2013
Retaining fo...

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Q&A: Health & Fitness « MyKmart Community

2 days ago ... By: Julie Bawden-Davis. Showering the special someone in your life with love doesn't have to cost a bundle. With a little thought, and a lot of ......

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Reseeding Your Lawn « MyKmart Community

Oct 10, 2013... that you know how to reseed your lawn in fall, you can look forward to healthy, green...

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Saving Money Landing Page « MyKmart Community

Jan 10, 2014 ... By: Julie Bawden-Davis · ShopYourWay Post Email icon. Home & Family; An Easy Way To Clean Your Ceiling Fans; 0 comments; See More....

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How to Increase Your Tomato Harvest « MyKmart Community

Feb 26, 2013 ... by Julie Bawden-Davis Ripe, juicy tomatoes straight from the garden are the highlight of the vegetable gardening season. And the more ......

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How to Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden « MyKmart Community

Feb 26, 2013 ... by Julie Bawden-Davis Don't let a lack of outdoor space or inclement weather stop you from...

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Tips for Controlling Insects in Your Garden « MyKmart Community

May 7, 2013 ... If a package warns against using an insect control near water because it's harmful to fish,...